Workshop & Events - Dog Listener Consult


We conduct and tailor workshops and seminars across a wide range of themes and in accordance to your needs, be it a small group or an assembly, with the material adapted to the experience level or age group of the participants.


Workshops are interactive and designed to be a fun and hands on experience for the particpants with the aim of imparting real life knowledge and experience. The duration can be tailored to be half a day to a full day depending on your needs.


Seminars are angled at information dessimination in an easy to understand and practical perspective and can be a short 15 min presentation to a full fledged 1 hour lecture.


Workshop & Seminar Topics

  • Safe & Proper Dog Handling Procedures & Protocol
  • Reading Your Dog’s Body Language
  • The Kind Way Of Teaching Your Dog
  • Integrating Your Child and Dog
  • A Healthy & Happy Dog

Please call us at 9145 4818 or contact us for any enquiries on our Workshops and Seminars.