• ” I like Ricky’s very holistic approach to dog care and training. Highly recommend this course to all dog owners “

    Melanie Phuah & her Maltipoo, Taffy

  • ” She has become less shy and doing really well “

    Taimour Albalaa & his Spore Special, Marie

  • ” 100% potty trained by the last 2-3 weeks, able to do the commands, able to be calmer, and learnt how to monitor her play with other dogs “

    Julie Xie & her Cavoodle, Charlie

  • ” Aria is much confident now and she eats better. Her fur has improved as well “

    Vanessa Wee & her Spore Special, Aria

  • ” Less anxious about things and situations “

    Matthew Goh & his Border Collie, Happy

  • ” Over the first few days of the Reunion, he knows to wait for his food. Have better control over excitement and there is less barking “

    Anthony Yeong & his Corgi, Bosco

  • ” Willing to eat “

    Summer Wong & her Poodle, Whiskey

  • ”  More attentive, less shy “

    Jimmy Pan & his Spore Special, Judy

  • ” He improved a lot. Wang Zai can now do Sit & Down “

    Fe Cabuncang & her Spore Special, Wang Zai

  • ” Leo is more obedient at home and during walks after the course “

    Charmaine Lee & her Spore Special, Leo

  • ” Start to be more focused and calmer “

    Melissa Chee & her poodle, Buddy

  • ” Taystee is more obedient ! “

    Trisha Eng & her Poodle, Taystee

  • ” Sky has improved dramatically at home and outside but needs more work to socialize with other dogs. Thank you Ricky !

    Tanuj Dutt & his Husky, Sky

  • ” Bibi has stopped nipping and biting after using the 5-5-5 technique taught in class “

    Sandra Lim & her Spore Special, Bibi

  • ” All very good “

    Cathei Wong & her Japanese Spitz, Snoopy

  • ” He is much more responsive “

    Jane Chia & her Spore Special, Victor

  • ” Improvement in walking on leash. Better understanding of my dog’s behaviour “

    Elisha Tiara & her Maltipoo, Tubby

  • ” Ricky is the BEST dog whisperer “

    Archana Kumar & her Kelpie X, Rex

  • ” Responsive to commands, eating on time “

    Joyce Eng & her Chi Hua Hua, Oreo

  • ” Faster to control, walks on leash better “

    Lim Ngan Khim & her Spore Special, Kalex

  • ” He doesn’t snap at me anymore, stubbornness reduced, Tueler now gives so much more respect to me “

    Angela Lai & her Shiba Inu, Tueler

  • ” Improved confidence, sociabilty, thanks ! “

    Michele Goh & her Spore Special, Yuki

  • ” Excellent “

    Ng Chin Koon & his Labrador, Phoebe

  • ” He is able to listen to basic commands more compared to before the course “

    Steven Loo & his Spore S, Oreo

  • ” Timber has improved but we need to practise more ! “

    Jason Willock & his Maltipoo, Timber

  • ” More responsive when we call her, calmer when she eats “

    Cheng Hai Feng & her Jap Spitz, Chi Chi

  • ” More Obedient “

    Alice Loh & her LXB, Lassie

  • ” Generally more obedient, better walking and listens more “

    Celine Lim & her Corgi, BIngsu

  • ” My dog listens to me more “

    Yee Chia Hsing & his Spore Special, Kai

  • ” My dog is more confident now and is much better at walking on the leash “

    Denise Liu & her Spore Special, Tam

  • ”  Yuki is better when we leave the house but still takes a while to settle when we are back. Overall he is better than when we first got him “

    Andrea Lim & her Japanese Spitz, Yuki

  • ” He doesn’t bark for food now and eats much slower “

    Balan & his Poodle, Lucky

  • ” He is far more responsive to my call and instructions. He is now a good walker and socialize very good “

    Ana Olivares & her Spore Special, Juno

  • ” She sees me more as her leader now “

    Hannah Chuang & her Chi Hua Hua X, Honey

  • ” More obedient ! “

    Pauline Anthony & her Spore

  • ” Generally both my dogs are calmer and I am more confident to know how to manage them “

    Catriona Paterson & her Golden Retriever, Tom Tom

  • ” Great course, dog has responded well to the training, and seeing improvements, will recommend to all dog owners “

    Monica Mahtani & her Spore Special, Celeste

  • ” Great improvements in toilet training, jumping on people, jumping on sofa, walking “

    Sherry Xue & her Golden Retriever, Marley

  • ” More obedient “

    April Poon & her Spore Special, Amber

  • ” Walking much better on leash, much more comfortable in public “

    Sigmund Kyrdalen & his Spore Special, Loki

  • ” Able to walk better and understand commands better “

    Audrey Wong & her Spore Special, Choya

  • ” Walking, eating, listening, cooperative “

    Serene Lu & her Spore Special, Bacon

  • ” Walking improved drastically, very good ! “

    Hilda Ng & her Spore Special, Dydo

  • ” Walks better than last time. Listens well “

    Aloysius Yeong & his Spore Special, Paige

  • ” She’s much more responsive now “

    Thomas Low & his Spore Special, Bibi

  • ”  A lot of improvements in walking the dog – easy and happy walking now. A lot of effort put in to train on Sit, Down, Stay, basic good command techniques taught helped owners a lot “

    Joan Hoon & her Spore Special, Horlicks

  • ” Lots of improvement in the communication ! “

    Jeff Tan & his poodle, Lucky

  • ” Improvement in toilet training and communication ! “

    Elizabeth Lee & her Labradoodle, Tessa

  • ” Walks better now ! “

    Kang Soo Min & her Spore Special, Moira

  • ” Ellie is much calmer with the walk technique and she is able to do more commands such as down and stay. We have a much peaceful walk and she does her business quicker than usual “

    Kate Leong & her Spore Special, Ellie

  • ” Excellent course. Ricky is awesome ! “

    Sandhya Srikanth & her Labradoddle, Truffle

  • ” Bibi can walk at our pace without dragging us along “

    Samuel Tan & his Spore Special, Bibi

  • ”  Santa is much less timid and more relaxed as a result of Ricky’s classes and I really appreciate that “

    Allison Hoon & her Spore Special, Santa

  • ” Ricky is very patient “

    Lo Mun Yue & her Schnauzer, Chow Chow

  • ” Dog is calmer and have better response “

    Tan Ching Yee & her Spore Special, Starly

  • ” Much improvement ! “

    Lee Li Fong & her Spore Special, Asher

  • ” Calmer when going for walks and interacting with dogs, barks less at strangers “

    Yvette Lim & her Jack Russell, Koko

  • ” Feeding is smooth, communication is better, walk is enjoyable “

    Nicholas Laville & his Spore Special, Caspar

  • ” Ricky’s techniques do not employ pain, seeks to understand the dog rather than discipline it. I completely agree and will recommend him to my friends “

    Michelle Fun & her Spore Special, Kiki

  • ” His walk is a lot better, he doesn’t tug on the leash as much any more and he doesn’t jump on us anymore “

    Cheng Ooi Meng & his Spore Special, Denton

  • ” Clearer leadership and communication helps my dog become more at peace overall “

    Low Yen Yen & her Spore Special, Ginny

  • ” Ricky is an experienced trainer and our dog definitely improved in terms of walking and bonding with us. Thanks Ricky ! “

    Sheris Heng & her Spore Special, Ribena

  • ” This has been a very valuable experience for us as a family and new dog owner. Thank you “

    Helena Livingston & her Spore Special, Hazel

  • ” More responsive and calmer “

    Stefanie Forrest & her Spore Special, Harrie

  • ” A lot calmer and responds positively to commands promptly “

    Tan Hui Min & her Spore Special, Maxi

  • ” He listens to commands a lot better and is overall calmer “

    Yang Zheng Di & her Spore Special, Toby

  • ” She tugs much lesser ! The Isolation method really works ! “

    Stephanie Yeo & her Spore Special, Cleo

  • ” Walking has improved tremendously, barking at the door has improved, discipline and focus has improved as well “

    Jennie Boh & her Aust Cattle Dog, Tiger

  • ” She is less fearful and more social “

    Christina Har & her Spore Special, Luna

  • ” All round improvement. Easier to control her now “

    Avinash Anand & his Golden Retriever, Rey

  • ” Trooper responds much better to commands and expectations now. He has overcome his separation anxiety and is calmer on his walks to the point where my young son is now confident to walk him “

    Carol Joy Gaspar & her Spore Special, Trooper

  • ” Less tugging on the leash, less stops when walking, more eye contact with me “

    Mary Chua & her Spore Special, Miko

  • ” Dog listens more, he’s not the alpha most of the time, we are far more aware how to handle him and he is better behaved with other dogs “

    Zuzana Clements & her Bulldog, Bruno

  • ” A lot of improvements on the walk and attitude “

    Anoo Manoj & her Spore Special, Lara

  • ” The trainer is good and this course is really helpful and we learnt a lot of good things. Thumbs up ! “

    Denise Keller & her Daschund, Ziggy

  • ” Walking much better, no longer mouthing as much, after isolation does not bark as much, effective ! “

    Yang Vi Sun & her Poodle, Milo

  • ” His attention seeking habits decreased “

    Sharlene Ng & her Spore Special, Denny

  • ” Able to follow commands better and calmer during walks “

    Jess Chen & her Spore Special, Kylie

  • ” Walks better, takes simple instructions better “

    Kimberly Leng & her Spore Special, Sadie

  • ” I feel much closer to Duke “

    Charmaine Yong & her Golden Retreiver, Duke

  • ” Learnt many new things and techniques “

    Paul Tan & his Spore Special, Joy

  • ” Course is value for money. Just wish we would have signed up sooner. Much improved! “

    Michael Becerra & his Bulldog, Oxford

  • ” Jaime is walking so much better with the training. I have also seen that she’s grown more confident outside. “

    Alicia Tan & her Spore Special, Jaime

  • ” As a new dog owner, the program was essential and to the point “

    Andreotti Gautier & his Schnauzer, Pollux

  • ” Lucky listens to commands nowadays “

    Veronica Lim & her Poodle, Lucky

  • ” My elder daughter was back for a short holiday from her overseas studies and was surprised how with your help Chloe has changed & become
    so obedient  as compared to before. Thank You once again. “

    Sow Boon Yong & his Spore Special, Chloe

  • ” Eats slower and can calm down faster “

    Jeremy Pang & his Spitz, Cookie

  • ” My dog is a lot more calm and quiet after coming to this course. I think the course was very good for me as a owner and for my dog “

    Kyoko Shimizu & her Daschund, Alice

  • ” Leia responds very positively to the training. Thank you so much for your patience in conducting the lessons which have been very helpful indeed ! My family (including Leia of course) has greatly benefited from it. “

    Constance Tan & her Spore Special, Leia

  • ” Lychee has shown improvement in her daily walks and nervousness to external surroundings. Gambate ! “

    Galvin Leong & his Spore Special, Lychee

  • ” Very good course, I have learnt a lot even though I have owned a lot of dogs ! Molly has become a lot calmer, listens, and is now toilet trained, as well as a lot healthier ! “

    Laura Mayhew & her Golden Retriever, Molly

  • ” Very interesting and informative. Insight into canine behavior very useful. Thank you so much “

    Meryl Lewis & her Pug X, Bentley

  • ” Chloe has become a lot more attached and responsive to us “

    Karin Ang & her Spore Special, Chloe

  • ” Her anxiety issue has improved. The period of whining has shortened “

    Wai Leong & his Spore Special, Shoobe

  • ” She’s more confident outside and remaining calm “

    Shawn Chong & her Spore Special, Mao Mao

  • ” He bit lesser than the previous time “

    Sharon Tan & her Poodle, Kookie

  • ” Barking at family member has reduced significantly after this course “

    Lynette Tay & her Spore Special, Yuzu

  • ” Improvements where she is calmer during the Reunion, with guests coming, and less separation anxiety “

    David Chen & his Spore Special, Trudy

  • ” Has progressed in obedience and walking “

    Satish Seshan & his Maltipoo, Toffee

  • ” He is now not so scared of other dogs and able to sleep by himself and not always in our bedroom “

    Loh Soo Kheng & her Poodle, Bobby

  • ” Improvement in general obedience, feeding, walking and our general interaction at home “

    Claire Deverill & her Spore Special, Chewy

  • ” Walks better, able to follow commands “

    Victoria Poon & her Spore Special, Pearl

  • ” Managed to walk much better “

    Eileena Yeo & her Spore Special, Kate

  • ” Separation anxiety improved, command following improved, more respect for owners “

    Cynthia Chua & her Spore Special, Cory

  • ” Easier to discipline, able to walk better, able to control aggression and is responding better to commands “

    Nick Lim & his Spore Special, Walter

  • ” Course is useful and techniques taught are useful in helping me manage Hershey “

    Karen Bartholomeusz & her Spore Special, Hershey

  • ” A lot of improvement in walking and being able to calm down. Amichien Bonding is effective in connecting with my dog effectively “

    Joan Lim & her Golden Retreiver, Emma

  • ” Ricky has been fantastic in providing support and reassurance with our two dogs. As we recently had a baby, it has been great having Ricky on board to help us and the dogs’ transition during this time.

    I am very happy with Ricky and have recommended him to others “

    Laura Wright & her Westies, Winston & Piper

  • ” I am able to walk Wang Wang at my pace every time I bring him out already. That was my biggest problem before entering this course. I am very happy with the result “

    Toh Shi Xian & her Spore Special, Wang Wang

  • ” He doesn’t jump as much when we come home, walks much better than before “

    Esther Leong & her Chi Hua Hua, Buddy

  • ” Much calmer, better walking, less biting at home “

    Soula Waters & her Spore Special, Cosmo

  • ” Very useful for owners, and secondly for dogs “

    D Surojit & his Spore Special, Dabbu

  • ” We have attended other obedience training with our previous dog, and Ricky is way better than the rest ! “

    Joanne Lim & her Spore Special, Cupid

  • ” Nala has improved on her walks and has learnt the 4 rituals. We are glad to have come for the course “

    Samuel Wee & his Spore Special, Nala

  • ” Definitely walks better with techniques “

    Catherine Ng & her Spore Special, Cookie

  • ” Raffles has changed dramatically in many respects. We have learnt a lot and with practice we should all do very well. Thank You ! “

    Emma Webb & her Spore Special, Raffles

  • ” The techniques were effective and Ricky’s very knowledgeable”

    Gerald Mackenzie & his Spore Special, Luna

  • ” I like it that the trainer teach in a way of not creating pain for the dog to listen”

    Regine Chew & her Spore Special, Stout

  • ” I will recommend friends with dog to Ricky if dog needs obedience class”

    Keith Tan & his Spore Special, Kydie

  • ” The course is great. It gave a lot of information on the thoughts and feelings of my puppy. I would surely recommend this course to my peers in the future”

    Lakshmi & her Spore Special, Scooby

  • ” Cooper did not want to walk with his collar but now he looks forward to wearing it and going for his walks”

    Jacqueline Tan & her Corgi, Cooper

  • ” Overall my dog has become more obedient and calmer. The techniques taught were very helpful”

    Adrian See & his Spitz, Shiro

  • ” Maya has become a lot more calmer and respectful”

    Derrick Lee and his Spore Special, Maya

  • ” Before this course, she is always on alert mode, now with good walking equipment and technique, her ears are backwards or down, she is so much tamer than before, thank you very much for your lesson”

    Michael Khoo & Victoria Lim & their Spitz, Odette

  • ” Thank you so much for introducing the co-operative method to train our lovely dogs.

    My dog improved much after Ricky’s training where I do not need to force the dog to co-operate as previous. We have also learn to respect our dog, instead of showing our dominance.

    Ricky is not only a wonderful trainer, but also a saviour to our dogs in our community.

    We give thanks to him truly for all his dedication, and also the Amichien Bonding method for teaching our dogs.”

    Angeline Lim & her Singapore Special, Mimi

  • “Overall it is a very good foundation course and has benefited us to a good extent”

    Michelle Chan and her Pomeranian X, Ringo

  • “Ricky is a great instructor, I would recommend this course to other people”

    Olivia Kang and her Corgi, Bailey

  • “We all enjoyed it and all three of us benefited! We’ve been on other dog training courses – this was absolutely the best one for us. We’ll be back”

    Stefanie Forrest and her Singapore Special Lucy

  • HazelLimJackyTestimonial

    Hazel Lim and her Singapore Special, Jacky

  • “Good class size and effective communication by trainer, very informative and entertaining!”

    Tong Poh Bee and her Singapore Special, Hazel

  • “The techniques are very useful towards more active dogs, where it brings the dogs from a hyperactive state to a calm state”

    Desmond and Denise Tan and their Singapore Special, Momo

  • “Very pleased with the content and it is obvious Ricky cares about the development and training of our dog”

    Kristin Khor and her Singapore Special, Kaya

  • “Course gave us a lot of very valuable knowledge about communication with our dog. We loved the session on nutrition and care”

    Anastasia Kardanova and her Singapore Special, Yogi

  • “Ricky is a life saver and an inspiration to all who are committed to providing the right environment to our dogs, albeit being totally clueless and failing miserably in practice.

    Ricky has unlocked, translated and shared the language of dogs with us so that we can communicate effectively with our Chelsea for a more balanced dog and human relationship.

    We use his ‘pack leader’ hierarchy training regime daily and we are so amazed and grateful that they do work in actual practice !

    We are forever grateful to Ricky for helping us sort out our initial problems with Chelsea being extremely anxious when left alone

    Cheers Ricky and see you at the dog run soon !

    Shannon Tan & his Golden Retriever, Chelsea

  • “We are very pleased with Lulu’s progress thanks to Ricky”

    Melissa Cole and her Singapore Special, Lulu

  • “Our rescue dog has made good progress after our session with Ricky.
    Another trainer had been largely unsuccessful”

    Emily Long & her Singapore Special, Jazzy

  • “Ricky really helped provide insights and tips to training our dogs.
    Since we have 2 dogs, Ricky was able to observe and then tailor training tips for each dog based on their personalities.His methods are gentle yet effective, and the dogs loved the classes. We highly recommend Ricky”

    Angel, Cary & their dogs, Cha Siu & Mei Mei

  • ” Very informative, well worth attending.”

    Steven Sinclair & his German Shepherd, Urso

  • ” I will definitely be able to recommend this course. The whole family has benefited and Coco is much clamer and a very happy, much loved dog. Thank you Ricky!”

    Kerry Cracknell & her Singapore Special, Coco

  • ” Overall good. Classes are comprehensive. Learnt a lot. Just need to keep up the good habits.”

    Marc Villot & his Spore Special, Tippy

  • ” This has been an absolutely amazing journey. Ricky is dedicated and passionate, he has conveyed to us his love and understanding of dogs. Everywhere we go we get compliments on how well behaved our dog is. Yuki is friendly, calm, playful, polite, clean and has a very good temperament. This could not have been achieved without Ricky’s guidance. Beyond training our dog Ricky coached us into being a good pack leader at home. “

    Stephanie Bouvard & her Spitz, Yuki

  • ” The training helped us a lot with Louis. We could see the improvements and we are glad. Ricky is able to provide us with other solutions for Louis to improve further. “

    Dinega Hari Krishnan & her Beagle X, Louis B

  • ” Ricky has been unfailingly positive and supportive in our training sessions with our new puppy, Coco. Coco took to him immediately! He obviously has a real way with dogs and was able to show us how to train her to walk nicely on the leash, wait for her dinner, sit, stay, etc. He also offered excellent advice on what to feed her, how to rub her down after a walk, and what toys/chews to give her. We are planning to join Ricky’s group sessions later in the year to give Coco a refresher, so that she remembers her training as she gets older (and so that we do, as well!) Thank you, Ricky, for your calm approach,excellent advice and great training techniques. “

    Kerry Cracknell & her Singapore Special, Coco

  • ” Hey Ricky ! I’ve been wanting to bring Dexter to the dog park in AMK. There aren’t many dogs there usually but have been so worried about the journey there because it’s a half hour walk. I decided to take a leap of faith in Dex and try it.

    He impressed me ! We made it there walking past and beside people and some cats without him going nuts ! He didn’t even bark at one single person on the way there. I’m so glad that everything I learnt and applied the past few months is working great. Thanks for the helpful tips and coaching ! Next to conquer would be his reaction to dogs when on leash. Now he gets nervous but doesn’t bark anymore. Instead he decides to walk faster to avoid ! “

    Jessica Wong & her Schnauzer, Dexter

  • ” Ricky is fabulous. I am now able to pleasantly take a walk without Brodie tugging the whole time. “

    Dana Houck & her Shih Tzu, Brodie

  • ” Ricky has been incredibly helpful, it was clear from the very start that what he cared about was the well being of the animal. He’s helped me with my Doberman’s certification but also with behavioural issues with my younger dog. I Can honestly say that what he’s taught me has changed my life (and certainly that of my neighbours!) as Palo barks much much less. “

    Charlotte Kingsman & her Doberman, Leo & X hounds, Palo & Cookie

  • ” Rocky barks less now and doesn’t bark when my father serves him food, and the pacing around the house has lessened. He also doesn’t get all excited when we go over. That’s quite a fast improvement for us actually, as we were thinking it would be very difficult to train him after so many years.. Thanks to you! “

    -Sangeetha & her Jack Russell, Rocky

  • ” It was an amazing, life-changing course full of practical advice. Hugo is a MUCH better, happier dog and so are we ! “

    -Jaime & Mimi Syjuco & their Daschund, Hugo

  • ” The course has helped a lot. Aki showed improvement and is easier to handle, which I am thankful for “

    -Charissa Ng & her Spore Special, Aki

  • ” Instead of conditioning my dog to do certain tricks, this course really improved my understanding and communication with my dog. We noticed she is calmer when led and when meeting strangers. But we also understand it is a continuous exercise we need to work with her. We hope Yuuki will be loveable and friendly to all.”

    -Joan Wee & her Chow Chow, Yuuki

  • ” Charlie has calmed down a lot and he hasn’t peed in the house since you came. We are really happy with his progress, he’s a different dog ! “

    - Kath Naidu & her beagle, Charlie

  • ” A very useful course which all dog owners should go through.”

    -Jerry Norfor & his Spore Special, Pepper

  • ” Enjoyed the course – not just that we learnt commands but also how to handle Lily’s psychological issues since Lily was a rescued dog and came to us extremely depressed. Ricky was willing to help in areas outside of the obedience course. Thanks Ricky ! “

    -Gail Sethi & her Singapore Special, Lily

  • ” Overall we think the course is excellent and achieved its objectives. We look forward to more classes that will advance Kirby’s learning. “

    -Christopher von Mitschke-Collande & his Schanuzer, Kirby

  • ” I never knew that so much attention is needed to discipline my pet. With this training, it really helps a great deal getting to know and handle my pet better. Thanks Ricky ! “

    -Yvonne Tan & her Husky, Halo

  • ” Best choice among all the trainers I spoke to. Thinking like my dog vs dominance was my key criteria for choosing the trainer. Truly appreciate Ricky’s advice and coaching. “

    -Lynn Desker & her Sptiz, Ariel

  • ” Wanted to write to you and let you know that Bruno is now eating well. His potty training is also going well and we have been 3 weeks incident free. He still pulls a bit during the hunt but otherwise is doing well. Wanted to thank you again, all of your advice has been spot on ! “

    -Prem Chandiramani & his Cavoodle, Bruno

  • ” Dear Ricky thank you for the great job – Moka is a different companion now and has really matured. “

    -Roland Jegge & his Spore Special, Moka

  • ” Ricky has been great at detailing exactly the issues that the dogs were having, the reasons behind it and how we could resolve the issues. The free life time support is a fantastic comfort to us and Ricky has reiterated that he is there for advice at any point when we need it “

    -Phil & Sian Steggals & their Spore Specials, Jenna & Kia

  • ” I am very very happy with Ricky’s service. He has definitely helped a lot with my puppy and I couldn’t be happier ! Even better is the Lifetime Support. I couldn’t be happier :)

    -Deepti Lalchandani & her Spore Special, Duke

  • ” I would like to express my gratitude to Ricky for transforming our puppy’s behaviour. We had opted for 3 sessions of consultation in order to help us manage our rambunctious and boisterous Greyhound puppy, Evan. Prior to our consultation, we had already completed a traditional obedience training class with him.

    However, unlike majority of the class who responded fine to the methods, Evan truly resisted every single tug we administered on his choke chain. He would fight every single command we gave with a deep growl, followed by serious mouthing. Not wanting to “show him some discipline” using an electric shock collar as suggested by the previous trainer, I searched for alternative methods.

    Speaking to Ricky, I was immediately reassured to learn that my dog is not a hopeless, aggressive and stubborn beast. He was merely an over confident dog who has been misled to believe that he is the pack leader and we as his owners were just misbehaving little children who kept provoking him with all these tugging and corrections.

    Within the first session, I saw how calm and submissive my dog became when we learned to assert ourselves as his pack leader instead of the other way around. From being restrained on a lead even indoors to being given free run of the house (under supervision), it dramatically improved our relationship with Evan.

    I was pleasantly surprised that he understood and could be managed with just our voice, body language and eye contact. All these were achieved without the use of any harsh physical corrections or gadgets.

    Quickly, through the process of Amichien bonding, we got to enjoy the loving, gentle and easy-going nature of our dog. I would highly recommend Ricky to my friends and family. “

    -Fiona Lim & her Greyhound, Evan

  • ” Ricky is the best dog trainer in Singapore ! He does not use barbaric ‘old school’ training methods eg choker or electric collar. Ricky is the ‘new school’. His kindness to animals is everlasting !! “

    -Mei Chen & Yan Ling & their Border Collie, Bailey

  • ” Fantastic ! We made significant progress and learnt so much that no book or video can teach. Ricky is brilliant and without his teaching and patience, we would not be so elegant !! Thank you very much !! “

    -Gerben & Karen & their Spore Special, Tripps

  • ” Really helpful advice that has improved the quality of our lives. Couldn’t have done without it ! Would recommend the class to all dog owners”

    -Jeanine Koh & her X German Shepherds, Indie & Miller

  • ” Sparkle has become better behaved, thanks to the excellent trainer Ricky !. “

    -Tay Choon Chew & her Golden Retriever, Sparkle

  • ” I have found Ricky to be extremely knowledgeable, approachable, friendly and professional throughout the consultation process. I have almost given up hope on QT and have considered fostering her out.

    Ricky practically ‘saved’ me from committing such an unthinkable act and us from a life of misery. I was actually looking through the webpages on Caesar Milan and it was sheer luck to stumble onto Ricky’s services.

    I was also really happy to know that he was able to respond to my call almost immediately, which was helpful. When one is desperate, the timeliness of getting help was reassuring. Ricky was already very helpful on the phone, even before he’s paid! That’s value for money!:)

    Of course, he also made me feel that I’m not alone and what was more pleasant to hear was that QT’s issues were temporary and correctable and at the same time, professional enough to give me a good sense of myself.

    He did not at any time make me feel that I was a lousy dog owner, which was really nice. He was right of course and now QT is normal and adorable, no longer the ‘special needs’ dog that I thought she was. On behalf of QT and QQ, I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for improving the quality of our relationships! “

    -Josephyne Ho & her X Poodle, QT & Maltese, QQ

  • ” We are really happy with Scooby’s progress (and ours) and he quickly learnt the basic techniques we needed to settle him into his new home. Ricky was really an excellent trainer. “

    -Claire Kidd & her Singapore Special, Scooby

  • ” Minnie’s barking have improved alot. Today I went out and when I returned both Minnie and JC did not bark as much as before. I am glad I found a good trainer. Thank You Ricky. “

    -Lim Swee Lu & her Maltese, Minnie & Shih Tzu, Jaycie

  • ” Ricky was great and I would (and have) thoroughly recommend him to my friends. Having had a very cruel dog trainer in the past, it was great to work with Ricky and I highly value his principles of no harsh methods. “

    -Bambos Kaisharis & his Schanuzer, Wookie

  • ” Ricky has been very patient and demonstrated care and concern for pet’s overall wellness. His techniques are practical and easy to implement. “

    Gail Guo & her Golden Retriever, Quantum

  • Ricky has been a great help to our family and I could not be happier with the guidance and service he is providing us. We had initially contacted him to help us with a foster dog that we were not experienced enough to manage. For complicated reasons, the foster was returned to its original owner, but we were so pleased with Ricky’s training and the Dog Listener techniques that we retained his services to help us be a better pack. And we have seen many improvements.

    As just one example, our dog had always been a reluctant eater. He was quite malnourished when we first brought him home and never took to food. However, after practicing the Feast, there has been no more bargaining at mealtime and we are delighted to have a very healthy and well-nourished pup.

    As a final note, I would like to say how much we appreciate Ricky’s leadership, not just with individual dog owners like ourselves, but in the Singapore community. My husband and I are US expats here. It is always an adjustment living and working in another country, and we have found the dog culture to be equally complex. We are very grateful to have found a trainer who demonstrates the kind of respectful relationship we like to have with our canine companions and who also has been able to help us negotiate the broader dog culture. “

    -Melinda Boumans & her Daschund, Red

  • ” I am a first time dog owner, through my trainer, Mr Ricky Yeo I’ve learnt the importance of bonding and proper caring for the little life that’s in my hands. I’ve learnt how to communicate with my puppy using ways that do not need force and tools. Amichien Bonding to me is a great way of life for me and my puppy. I have friends using anti bark collar and all sorts of things to gain control so I am really glad that I do not have to resort to those things. Mr Ricky is very patient and is an excellent teacher. I’ve learnt loads from him and I am very grateful for all the things that he had taught me. “

    -Serene Yio & her Chi Hua Hua, Wawa

  • ” This is an excellent programme as it teaches me one-on-one how to read my dog’s responses and how to better understand my dog’s behaviour as well as my dog’s body language.

    Our dog is very young (about 10 months’ old when we started the programme) and it is important to start learning how to read and handle my dog straight from the start. We had another dog who died some about one and a half years ago and we thought we could handle our new dog the same way, but we were very surprised after going through this programme that in fact we did not handle our previous dog the correct way. Great job for a great programme!”

    -Choo Yean Lin & her Spore Special, Chloe

  • ” My dog Sophie was a difficult eater before her first lesson. She would take her own sweet time over her meals which she often did not finish. What a great improvement after Ricky taught me the Amichien feeding ritual. Now she just can’t wait for her meals and has put on weight!

    Previously, Sophie frequently nipped and bit us and jumped on us too. I would say she has improved tremendously after Ricky showed us the ‘secret’ of handling her. Even my friends and neighbours have noticed she is much calmer.

    She is not barking as aggressively at passers-by. The barking period is also shorter. And she is beginning to accept my neighbours’ presence in their own gardens without making as much noise as before.

    Before Ricky introduced me to the correct way of taking Sophie out for a walk, she would be dragging me along. Now we walk or run together most of the time. I am very glad I made the decision to contact Ricky. He has helped me resolve these issues and more.

    Ricky is able to demonstrate and explain the Amichien techniques well. He patiently went through the notes which I took down and made the necessary amendments. Now that we have completed the lessons, I find it very useful to refer to them whenever I need to recall how to manage Sophie in a way that will get her to respond positively. Most of all, he was gentle with Sophie and she took to him. “

    Jeanette Hwang & her Schnauzer, Sophie

  • ” Ricky is thorough with his consultation. Truly cares for you and your dog. Ricky’s patience is amazing. Such a caring person ! Ever so grateful to Ricky !! Thank You !!”

    -Jenny Lettich & her Cavoodle, Zola

  • ” Clear instructions, explainations and method have made a lasting improvement to my dog’s behaviour. Thank you ! “

    -Etta Beford & her German Shepherd, Jessie

  • ” Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge it really has made a world of a difference in Rocky’s behaviour. He does get excited and jump sometimes when new people greet him, but he stops almost right away. And walking him on the lead is now such a breeze, he doesn’t pull anymore unless he sees a piece of bread on the ground, but other than that he is very good on the lead. “

    -Junia Djojonegoro & her Labrador, Rocky

  • ” Thank you for the process by which we now have a calm dog! We found it really interesting and helpful and are glad to be in control of the situation now. Monti is much happier too. Hope you have lots and lots of success with other dogs, and their owners. “

    -Meg Eladm & her Labrador Cross, Monti

  • ” Ricky has a very clear, gentle manner with our dog (and with us!). Julie is a 5 year old female who has some extremely difficult behaviours and fears to overcome; Ricky has been very detailed and articulate about training her, about our own behaviours, and also how we can support Julie through diet and nutrition changes. It will be a long process until Julie begins to feel completely comfortable in her new environment, but we are very grateful to have the lifetime backup service – and most of all we are thankful to have met Ricky, who has impressive, longtime experience and expertise in dealing with strays and rescued dogs in Singapore. ” Read about Julie’s story here

    -Marybeth Stock & her Spore Special, Julie

  • “I am very glad I chose this programme for Bradley. I am confident in using the techniques taught in a meaningnful way and it has enabled us to understand his behaviour. Also we are thankful that Ricky attended to all my doubts. This program has enabled Bradley to be calm and loving. We appreicate the assistance given to us. Thank you.”

    -Vishaalini & her Spore Special, Bradley

  • ” Thanks to your program, for the past 3 days, I have been able to successfully get Mogu to pee in the pee tray after our reunion. Mogu will usually follow me into the toilet, once i touch his pee tray, he will sniff and pee on it. If you have new courses for dog training, please do let me know. It has been very helpful for both human and dog. Thank you and really appreciate all the kind advice.”

    -Aizhen & her Schanuzer, Mogu

  • ” Ricky is fabulous. He presents the techniques in a simple manner that is easy to implement. He is patient and understanding. I was able to implement the techniques with a limited schedule with Ricky’s advice. “

    -Jennifer Harmon & her German Shepherd, Max

  • ” I am very pleased with the trainer, Ricky Yeo, who displayed professionalism throughout the 3 training sessions. He is patient and is clear in his explanations. My dog has shown improvements in the house after the first training session. “

    -May Wong & her Labrador, Dexter

  • ” Blanket is doing quite well since our last session. Although he still barks at the neighbours, he responds when we call him and ceases his barking immediately. I must say that it has been a most satisfying experience for us and we will surely recommend this service to any of our friends who may need help with their fur babies “

    -Violet Leong & her Japanese Spitz, Blanket

  • ” Ricky has helped my family tremendously in training my puppy who was quite a problem puppy to me. Thanks to Ricky and the methods he taught us, my puppy which started off with bad biting habits stopped giving us as many bad bites. We are still working on the 4 principles with our puppy and continue to see improvement in him”

    -Ashlyn Chen & her Scottish Terrier, Bacon

  • ” I was really glad to chance upon Ricky Yeo while he was conducting a group class at Vivo City, Singapore. I was impressed with the way he teaches & with the responses from the dogs & dog owners.

    I have been looking around for a suitable course for my unruly dog who acts like King in the house (which my daughter called a ‘terrorist’ as he was terrorizing us everyday). A few other courses I saw do not quite satisfy my needs or are too expensive.

    Ricky recommended the home consultation verses the group course as he feels it would be more beneficial and indeed it is. Even though it is more expensive than the group course, it is really money well spent!

    Ricky has been really patient & helpful. He not only taught what he should teach for the program but also taught us many additional tricks to counter our dogs’ & given some eye-popping suggestions (which we never knew or heard of) when he came to our flat for the training and we are grateful for that.

    He also gave tips on how to teach our dog to be more obedient & co-operative in our daily living eg. to block up his ‘den/stronghold’ behind our sofa, how to stop him from attacking our mop, how to punish without violence, etc!

    We get solid one to one attention & demonstration on how & what to do. He also watches us do the training & correct us when it is not done properly. I could see changes in my dog just 3 days after the 1st consultation and it is a miracle that our little terrorist is starting to relinquish his alpha throne to us, finally !!

    There was also tremendous improvement on the basics sit, down & especially staying put and in all other areas as well ! We were really impressed at our dog’s vast improvement over such a short period of time. That goes to show that proper training can really do wonders ! Now we don’t get the feeling of wanting to kill our dog half the time because we got ourselves a ‘new’ dog! “

    -Helen Seah & her Sheltie X, Porsche

  • ” We have found “Amichien Bonding” theory is so remarkable. We are so pleased our loved dog, Diana’s progress. She has stopped mouthing and acted much calmly. After the consultations by Ricky Yeo, we have got much clear idea and very practical way to treat her. We would like to say big thank you to Ricky who instructed us how to make better relations with Diana. “

    -Yoko Okumura & her Spore Special, Diana

  • ” This has definitely been the most effective ‘training’method, and I have tried lots ! I really appreciate the concept of learning to communicate with my dog in her language rather than training her like a circus monkey to ‘perform’, using things like the choke chain which I dread ! I do feel so much closer to Bronte now, like we reached a greater understanding.”

    -Siao Sze & her Spore Special, Bronte

  • ” We contacted Ricky as we had some issues with our expanding pack. We had 2 female dogs for over 4 years. We then adopted our male dog, Louie in 2011 and we were having some integration issues.

    We have tried other training techniques previously but the principles taught by Ricky have by far been the most effective. We noticed an immediate improvement in the behaviour and harmony of the dogs and following on we have stuck with the program and are very happy with the results. We would be very happy to recommend Ricky’s services in future. “

    -Greig & Leah & their Spore Specials, Mika, Kirin, Louie, 2 cats & a rabbit

  • ” The consult session was conducted in a very professional manner. Ricky took time to understand the issues and challenges I was facing with Mocha and offered useful advice which was easy to understand and apply. I am glad to see positive outcomes and am continuing to apply what I have learnt through the consult session. I would thoroughly recommend Ricky to any dog owner seeking help to address any dog behavioural issues “

    -Geraldine Yeo and her Spore Special, Mocha

  • ” It was a miracle that my dog totally changed to a different dog from a restless, hostile, non-stop barking to any new objects or foreigner, and aggressive dog, to a calm and relaxed and cooperative dog, starting the very next morning after Ricky’s 3 hr consultation. Ricky provided solutions & tips that are working. We and our dog are very happy about our relationship now. Many thanks to Ricky ! “

    -Carol Chu and her beagle, Lucky

  • ” The training has helped me understand and learn about my dog better as well as to know how to react when unpleasant situations arise. Also, I have seen improvements in Toto’s behaviours ever since we applied Ricky’s methods “

    -James Ng and his schanuzer, Toto

  • ” The training was extremely useful, well explained and made an awful lot of sense. Results have been achieved from the first day and have continued to come. Moonlight and I are getting along famously “

    -Doug McBurney & his Spore Special, Moonlight

  • ” Ricky is an excellent trainer. We have learnt much and benefited tremendously from it. It is good to understand the philosophy behind what we do “

    -Ivy & Kwong Fah & their Sheltie, Toby

  • ” For the first in history I managed to clean floor without putting Posh away “

    -Helen Seah on her dog, Porsche, who used to attack the mop

  • ” Yippee ! She finished up her meal ! Your work is amazing “

    -Cheryl Chow on her poodle, Poco who has the fussy eater syndrome

  • ” Since our last correspondence, things have gone better and better on the whole. Joni is quite relaxed when we have visitors, she even rested her head on the laps of our friends who came to visit and they adore her.

    We also tried to take her outside our area, so we have been to Botanic Garden, Bishan Park and West Coast Park and during all those walks we met a lot of other dogs.

    Believe it or not she is actually really good to those dogs, not a single bark and in fact she sniffed at them and carried on walking once the sniffing rituals have become a bit boring. If you asked me a couple of months ago, I would never think that we could achieve this.”

    -Anne Inglis & her JRT, Jonie

  • ” Overall the course is good, was able to see improvement in my communication to Snowy, probably with more practice things will get better “

  • ” It has been helpful in day to day interaction with my dogs “

  • ” The trainer has excellent knowledge and provided effective advice to us “

  • ” The one on one consultation was very valuable up front as we were able to instill behaviour as soon as we brought her home. The course has been a great follow up, complements and builds on the one on one session. The course has also helped with Abby’s bonding with other dogs and people and has helped her behaviour around distractions.”

    Nicole Stansfield & her Singapore Special Abby

  • ” The trainer was very good and the techniques really helped Donut’s development “

    Bryan Sun & his Singapore Special, Donut

  • ” The basic obedience course is very good. Toffee is more obedient as compared to last time and his confidence grew a lot “

    Jasmine Neo and her Shih Tzu, Toffee

  • ” Great course ! The trainer’s knowledge and patience is excellent. This course not only helped our dog but it was beneficial for the humans as well. The techniques are very effective and we will endeavour to continue practising “

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