Group Classes


Our Basic Obedience Foundation Class is of a duration of 6 weeks, consisting of 6 once weekly, 1.5 hour sessions each time. Class size will be restricted to a maximum of 10 participants to allow for individual assesment and focus.


Our Basic Obedience Foundation Class consists of 4 aspects :

  • Amichien Bonding™ Program which will teach the principles to be a good leader that your dog can respect and obey. This builds the important foundation of your relationship with your dog. We are the only certified dog training school in Singapore to offer this program.
  • Basic Obedience Program. You will learn effective techniques of communication which will further help your dog to focus and deepen the bond
  • Puppy/Dog Home Integration Program. This covers the behavioural issues most commonly faced by owners, such as toilet training, biting, chewing, jumping, barking, whining, digging, refusal to come and much more.
  • Socialization & Situational Awareness which will teach you how to read your dog’s body language, how to engage other dogs, humans in a safe way and pre-empt dangerous situations.


If you have just got a puppy that is at least 3 months old and vaccinated or an adult dog that is being integrated into your home and has no significant issues, this obedience training class will be ideal for you.


This program is in accordance with the AVA’s PADT defined syllabus and scheduled breeds which require compulsory obedience training can be certified with this program.


Basic Obedience Foundation Course Fees

Public : $350

ASD Adopter : $250