Health & Nutrition Consultations - Dog Listener Consult

Does your dog suffer from constant ailments, such as skin problems, loose bowels, loss of appetite, listlessness ? Is your dog constantly taking medication for the above, such as anti-biotics and steroids ?


Our philosophy towards your dog’s health is from a wholistic approach, from the mental to the physical, and we believe in a natural holistic approach to nutrition complementing veterinary science.


Utilizing a natural holistic approach means treating the ailments at the root level rather than treating the symptoms, and without the side effects of mainstream medicine


We balance this approach by complementing the natural treatment with the mainstream treatment till the symptoms are reduced to a manageable level that the holistic treatment can become effective and treat the source of the problem and thereafter maintenance is via holistic means.


Over the years, this approach has yielded highly effective results with accelerated recovery rates on rescued dogs and many clients’ dogs.


To reinforce this approach, we are also using Bioresonance Therapy to bring the body into balance and to allow the body to heal by itself.


Our treatment is non invasive and do not involve drugs or medications which have side effects and starts off with a consultation to understand the health problems of your dog. Further to that, a program will be customised for your dog which may involve diet changes and addition of nutrients. Follow up consults will be advised to monitor the progress of the program.


1st Consultation (1 hr) : $100

Follow Up Consultations (0.5hr- 1hr) : $75



If you wish to discuss your dog’s health issues, please call us at 9145 4818 or contact us.