About Us -

The love and joy that you can experience from your dog is uniquely special. In order to have that fufilling relationship, your dog has to be nurtured and taught to live in harmony and happiness with his human pack, just like a child.

At the Dog Listener Consultancy, we believe the best way to have an enriching life with your dog is through communication and cooperation, not control or conditioning, and we go beyond basic dog obedience training.

Through our many years of hands-on rescue work, we have gained much experience handling and rehabilitating dogs of all types of personalities. Our goal is to ensure that your dog willingly and happily integrates into your family environment, and understands and cooperates with the social rules.

We do it without gimmicks and gadgets, and we expound a kind way to dog training. We don’t believe in choking or electrocuting your dog into submission or harsh punishment, but through strong leadership, positive reinforcement and kind correction, your dog will willingly cooperate with you. While dogs have a basic set of behavioural traits, no two dogs are alike. As such, we treat each and every dog as a cherished individual.

At our classes and consultations, what diffentiates us from the rest is that, on top of learning the basic obedience techniques, you will also learn and apply the all important foundation principles of Amichien Bonding™ that will anchor your relationship with your dog.

We believe that dogs help make our lives so much more meaningful and whole, and we hope to help you build and achieve a fufilling, happy and enriching life with your dog.


Our Consultants

Ricky Yeo
Dog Listener &
Behavorial Consultant

Our resident Consultant / Trainer is Ricky Yeo, a certified Jan Fennell Dog Listener and also the president and founder of Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD), an animal welfare organization. (www.asdsingapore.com)

Ricky also serves on the AVA’s Panel for Accreditation of Dog Trainers (PADT) (ST article 6th Aug), a body set up to regulate and improve the standards of the Dog Training industry, by accreditating other dog trainers and ensuring they are qualified to teach the syllabus defined by the panel. (More information at this link).

Ricky cut his teeth helping stray and abandoned dogs, rehabilitating and domesticating them for adoption, and providing support whenever adopters encounter behavioural issues.

With more than 10 years of rescue work under his belt, Ricky has had the unique and diverse experience of handling dogs of all sorts of personalities.

Ricky’s advice and views on dog behaviour, training and welfare, has also been constantly sought and quoted in newspapers, radio, magazines and other media. He has also been invited to speak on dog behaviour and nutrition and has conducted workshops and seminars for schools on dog handling and protocol.

Reinforcing this rich experience over the last decade, Ricky graduated from the Jan Fennell Dog Listener Foundation & Advanced Course in the UK, which advocates the internationally acclaimed Amichien Bonding™ principles (www.janfennellthedoglistener.com).

Ricky is also the Principal Trainer for Project ADORE,  a program he initiated to allow medium sized local cross breed dogs to be legally adopted in HDB apartments under ASD.

Ricky is also the Dog Behavourist Consultant in the Straits Times Life! Pet Advice column published on Saturdays where readers pose questions on problems they face with their pets (Contents under Press Articles).

With his expertise and experience, Ricky hopes to educate and help people with effective and kind means of communication and cooperation with their dogs.